he Conmebol Ethics Commission would issue its ruling next week against the Argentine player, Lionel Messi, who described the governing body of South American football as “corrupt.” “Next week, Messi’s statements will fail. They would give him six months of suspension and those months of suspension can reach them on […]

The World Health Organization in its latest guideline on sugar consumption says a day’s worth of sugar shouldn’t exceed five per cent of a person’s daily calories. That is about 6 teaspoons or 25 grams of sugar. The global health organisation announced this guideline in 2015 and there have been […]

Car accidents may happen, no matter how careful you are. A sudden car crash can leave even the most experienced driver completely shaken up. That’s why it’s it important to know what to do.So, after you catch your breath, here are what to do when you are involved in a […]